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AA & AAA Rechargeable Battery Wall

Family First Solar is always on the look out for innovative and creative uses for renewable energy. If you have an "odd job" or artistry concept to get our thoughts on please reach out to our team here.

For example, below is an upcycle story where old shipping pallets were transformed and integrated into a way to recharge AA & AAA batteries!!

Upcycled shipping pallet design

Stained and weather protected wood

Measure twice and cut once

Family support and a moment to teach about wires!

More family support!

Battery holders inserted.

4 singles, 2 doubles, and 8 batteries per board.

4 AAA and 4 AA battery holders. 64 batteries total!

Long nights soldering the battery holders.

Each board received a nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH) chip to ensure batteries are safely charged.

Protective covering installed over the circuit. A buck converter used to step battery's 12V down to 5V per NiMH specs.

Finished, AA & AAA Rechargeable Battery Wall, installation.